Bayview Village includes the area bounded by Bayview Ave., Sheppard Ave., Finch Ave. and the East Don River. See Map.

The Bayview Village Association (BVA) is a non-profit community organization for residents of Bayview Village. Established in 1956, the BVA works towards enhancing the quality of life for the residents by building community, pride, city and community awareness and by addressing issues of concern to the neighbourhood.

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In the News

With the holiday season upon us, it is easy to become distracted while out shopping, dining, taking transit or enjoying the season's festivities. Here are some precautions you can take to protect yourselves and your loved ones from becoming the victims of crime:

  • Remain alert and be aware of your surroundings
  • Whenever possible, travel with someone; there is safety in numbers - Do not be distracted by your cell phone
  • Refrain from using ear buds or headphones
  • Do not leave bags or purses unattended, such as beside you on the transit system or on the back of your chair while in a restaurant
  • Avoid using cash, instead use credit or debit cards - Park in a well-lit area and lock your vehicle
  • Keep valuables out of sight and in the trunk Crimes can be indiscriminate. If you have been the victim of an unprovoked assault or witness one, please keep your distance from the suspect and call 9-1-1.

Also, winter is the season when fires and carbon monoxide incidents typically rise in Toronto. Testing your smoke and CO alarms monthly by depressing the test button is an important step in keeping your home and family safe

Tips on annoying telemarketer phone calls, 'silent calls' and 'vishing'

It’s dinnertime. You’re just sitting down to eat and the phone rings. You rush to answer it, but when you do, there’s no one on the other end. You say “hello” a few times but there is only silence. Annoyed, you hang up. This is not the first time this has happened.

Each time the phone now rings it feels like a thief is breaking into your home. Sure enough, you check the call display and recognize the number as a telemarketer who keeps pestering you – despite your best efforts to get them to stop. When it gets to this point and nothing works, it’s time to file an official complaint. But how?

Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of vishing? The term, which blends the word ‘voice’ with ‘phishing,’ refers to a telephone scam to trick people into revealing critical financial or personal information that can be used for identity theft.

Read more info on these issues at the Canada411 site.

Fall prevention tips from Toronto Paramedic Services

Were you aware that falls are the leading cause of injury for those aged 65 and older in Ontario? Here are some tips from Toronto Paramedic Services to help prevent falls so that a 911 call and trip to the emergency room is avoided:

  • Check prescriptions for side effects - some medications can cause drowsiness
  • Firmly hold the bannister when climbing up and down stairs
  • Clear steps and walkways of ice and wear slip-resistant footwear

ALERT: Bayview Village Break-Ins

HOUSES: there have been several home break-ins in the Village. These appear to be random acts – the house left in a mess as crooks quickly look for cash, then leave. POLICE ADVISE: ensure your house looks lived in, leave a radio on, leave lights on, if you are away ensure your mail is collected, garbage cans/bins aren’t left at the curb and your driveway is kept clear of snow.

MORE ON LIGHTS: Use timers to have different lights come on and off at different times, and now it's dark earlier make sure the lights come on as it gets dark. Motion sensors also recommended for both your front and back yards.

CARS: Several cars have been broken into – many were locked. POLICE ADVISE: ensure there are NO visible items left in the car. Items such as a few coins or sunglasses and of course, Cell phones, wallets, GPS units, all attract crooks. Make sure your car is locked. Do NOT leave your car running. EVERY year cars are stolen as they are being warmed up in the driveway.

If you have information about any break-in or if you see suspicious activity – please contact police at 416-808-3300, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, text your message to CRIMES (274637)

Changes to Bayview Village Mall

Thanks to all who attended the Open House held by the developer (QuadReal) in early November. Our BVA Municipal And Government Affairs (MAGA) has been working very hard on this to get some significant improvements in the proposal. Quadreal will be submitting a revised application to the city, likely in January. MAGA will be reviewing that application. NEWS: BVA MAGA will host a Bayview Village Mall Up-Date Meeting in February - we want to keep you informed. Date and Location to be determined. Stay tuned.

BVA Membership

BVA membership forms are currently being delivered to all residents. Included in the envelope is a short resident survey. BVA is very interested in knowing what the residents would like from the association. If you reside in Bayview Village please fill in the survey by going to Your participation would be very much appreciated

Emergency Preparedness

Did you know that only 9% of families have emergency preparedness kits?. There is a Toronto Hydro link to what to include in a kit. Since we have hit the cold weather now with possible storms and power outages this would be a good time to review your emergency plans.

Flooding Concerns

Autumn Leaves are Falling and There Is More Rain on the Way The city is advising residents; to clear debris from roadside catch basins to help water enter the storm sewer and prevent possible flooding. Ensure downspouts are not blocked & are draining properly away from your home.

All Candidates Meeting

Bayview Village Association held another successful Candidates Meeting last week - great turnout and great participation. Thanks to everyone!

Voting details for BV residents: Election Day: Monday October 22 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m Electors vote in the ward they live in.

Advance Voting: Wednesday, October 10 to Sunday October 14,10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Advance Poll Locations for Bayview Village Residents: Cummer Park Community Centre, Oriole Community Centre, 6000 Leslie Street OR 2975 Don Mills Road West

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Phase Out

Bill 139, the planning reform passed by the provincial legislature on December 2017 came into effect on April 3, 2018. Any application received by the city after Dec. 12, 2017 will be considered by the new Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT), a true appeal body with limited power to overrule municipal decisions. Applications submitted before Dec 12 must be appealed by the Apr 3 proclamation date to be heard by the current OMB. However, all decisions appealed before Dec. 12 will be heard by the existing OMB.

Under the old system, if a developer didn’t like a decision they could seek a new one at the OMB, which was guided to “have regard” for local decision-making but had the power to overturn council decisions after re-litigating the application. See more detail on MAGA page. Also read comments in Toronto Star article

Growth in our Neighbourhood

Urban Toronto posted a update on their “Growth to Watch” series featuring North York Centre and Willowdale and they’ve compiled all developments nearing completion or currently under construction; all proposals currently working their way through the planning process; and all planning initiatives and pending development applications that might impact our neighbourhood with respect to our rapidly transforming area of the city. Here is the link.

Issues regarding our local ravines...

The footbridge providing access to Newtonbrook Creek from Burbank Ave, (near Canary Crescent) has been closed due to damage to the abutment, without a firm date of repair.

Of graver concern, is the state of the entire ravine both on the south and north side with the entry point from Forest Grove. The north side ends at Finch Ave, with the south side ending at the bridge over the East Don river. There is an abundance of fallen trees caused by bank erosion from flooding during rain storms that have not been removed. Many of the fallen trees have accumulated in dams which results in more severe flooding often overflowing and eroding onto the pathways during storms. The erosion is now to the point where entire banks have fallen into the river, and overall disarray.

Residents have brought this to the City's attention, and the answer has been that they wish to keep the ravine in its natural state. Therefore, plans to remove the trees, dams, and fix the erosion is not planned. The damage can be seen more on the south side of Forest Grove, but also exists on the north side. Several additional sections of the walking trail are in danger of collapsing into the river if no action is taken. Residents concerned about these developments should contact Councillor Shiner's office and the City of Toronto 311.

TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), on behalf of Sun-Canadian Pipeline Company Ltd., is preparing to carry out work along the East Don River, within the East Don Parkland. This will include bank stabilization to protect a section of exposed decommissioned pipe infrastructure. For dates and plans go here.

TPS Parking Enforcement East contact

Area Supervisor Andrea Seivwright oversees parking enforcement issues in our neighbourhood and she is the best point of contact, please call her directly at 416-808-6675. Alternatively, requests for parking enforcement can also be made by calling the Toronto Police Service non-emergency number at 416-808-2222. In response to your call, an officer would be dispatched to attend and respond with enforcement action as necessary.

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