Bayview Village includes the area bounded by Bayview Ave., Sheppard Ave., Finch Ave. and the East Don River. See Map.

The Bayview Village Association (BVA) is a non-profit community organization for residents of Bayview Village. Established in 1956, the BVA works towards enhancing the quality of life for the residents by building community, pride, city and community awareness and by addressing issues of concern to the neighbourhood.

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In the News

Public advisory, North York Winter Maintenance By-Law

The North York Winter Maintenance By-law prohibits parking on streets in the former City of North York from Friday, December 1, 2017 up to, and including, Saturday, March 31, 2018, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., unless signs are posted indicating an exemption.

This bylaw ensures the city can completely clear streets of snow, and that large emergency vehicles can have free vehicular flow.

There was an attempted break-in to a parked car in Bayview Village recently.

Be vigilant about keeping your car locked if parked outside overnight.

Toronto Police Alert

In the last few weeks there have been Break + Enters in our area. In the last couple of days there has been 3 more in the top end of BVA. Toronto Police need YOUR help. These last three have been close to ravines and parks. Entries have been at the back of the homes.  Possible access and escape routes.  There is now a joint task force operational plan in place with TPS and York Reginal Police.  The Major Crime Units are working on it as you read this. Expect to see an increase in police presence and enforcement.

Police ask you to report ASAP, ANYTHING suspicious, so they can respond accordingly.  Any parked vehicles you do not know, people walking through the parks and ravines at night. To report anything suspicious call right to 416-808-2222 - IF YOU SEE A CRIME IN ACTION: CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Toronto Police also urge you to:

  • Create the allusion of home occupancy.  Leave lights, TV’s radios on day and night.
  • Lights at all entrances back and front of the home, motion lights, create long shadows.
  • Use timers and radio alarm in radio mode.
  • Park your car in the driveway.  Not the garage, look like you are home.
  • Keep your mail box empty of junk mail.
  • Remove papers and junk mail from your railing and front steps.
  • Brush the leaves and sticks away from the front entrance and garage.
  • Stagger your departure times each day.
  • Light up your address number to assist the police.
  • Clear sight line to doors, back and front.
  • Allusion of a dog, bowl of water, leash, signs.

Further info to protect yourself can be found at: Toronto Police. Your BVA Neighbourhood Watch Committee has information too.  We can help and want to know what is happening too. Please contact: Sue Wires 

 Toronto Police Services - 33 Division Toy and Food Drive

See details here.

winter driving

When the chilly temperatures of winter set in, will your vehicle be ready for the cold? If you live in a part of the country that experiences inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow and ice, are you prepared to drive in those conditions? Planning and preventative maintenance are important year-round ... but especially when it comes to winter driving.  Click here for NHTSA's winter driving tips.

Waste Wizard

Waste Wizard is a tool that allows you to simply type in the item that you want to discard and provides information on how to appropriately dispose the item.

Emergency Preparedness

The City of Toronto's Office of Emergency Management can help you and the members of your Residents Association be prepared by giving you steps to minimize the negative effects of emergencies. We invite you to visit our website for information on how you can "Get Emergency Ready". 416-338-3927.
Or contact us at 416-338-3927.
Boris Rosolak
Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management

For more info on emergency preparedness, see this website.

Be prepared for severe weather with The Weather Network's online essentials: ALERTS | LIVE RADAR | LATEST NEWS | FOLLOW ON TWITTER

Bayview Village Mall expansion plans - have you heard??

Bayview Village Mall is planning a major expansion. They began public consultations last year (Bayview Village residents were all invited -  200+ attended) and they have continued to meet with various groups, including our own BVA MAGA Committee, chaired by Victoria Joly.

The mall’s plans are now more fully thought out and they are in the process of submitting them to the city. Bayview Village Mall developers have set up a website to provide more information and also to provide an opportunity for you to have input.

MAGA is working with the owners to find ways to have our Bayview Village community kept updated and to have opportunities to meet and raise issues. We want to let you know that the expansion is planned over many, many years.

Your BVA sees our community role as being an active participant in shaping the future of our community.

Coming Events

Self-guided walks in Bayview Village

Recent Events

  • Canada 150
  • A Tree For Me
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • 60th Anniversary Gala
  • Mayor Tory visit


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