Bayview Village Association is pleased to bring you a book on the history of Bayview Village and surrounding area from the earliest settlers to modern day times:

“Bayview Village: From Farmland to One of Canada’s Most Picturesque Communities.”
by Jeanne Hopkins

Packed with interesting facts, stories and historical pictures, this book makes a wonderful gift and great addition to the library of anyone who is or has been a part of our community.

North York map You can read about :
• The Bayview area when it was a farming settlement
• The original families that settled these lands: the McKees, Cummers, Pearsons, Sheppards and Dempseys
• Flynntown
• The history of the mansions of Bayview
• About the churches in and around the Village
• The role of the railroad line
• The early schools
Over 120 pages, this book is available for $20 (tax included).

Bayview Village

Offer is open to non-members as well. To order a copy see below.


This picture is from an article in an early 1950s newspaper about a new community proposed for development that is now Bayview Village. This picture is from the book by Jeanne Hopkins.


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