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A Tree For Me

244 Trees were given out!

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Annual Spring Clean-up

The weather was wet and light rain , and chilly but we had an excellent turnout.. over 40 people showed up a number of families took on various assignments such that there was a thorough cleanup of the 12 target areas in the village. I saw in the volunteers a strong community spirit not seen in past years. I have to believe it was in response to the tragic attack on young street another way of coming together. One man was on a fitness walk through Newton brook Ravine didn't even live in Bayview Village but when I asked if he wanted to help ...he said "give me a hook and a bag" and waded into a muddy section of the ravine behind the church parking lot. Thanks to Starbucks at CTC generously provided coffee for the day.
Regards, Monty

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Get Emergency Ready

Many BVA members attended a presentation by Rosemary Foulds, Policy Development Officer for the City of Toronto, on preparing for evarious emergency situations. This was followed by a talk on flooding by our Environmental Committee Chair, Monty McDonald.



Bayview Village Mall Redevelopment Public Meeting

This meeting was attended by members of the BVA Executive and many residents. Read REPORT (from Bayview Post, February, 2018)


DimSum Dim Sum

Evening at Goose and Firkin, Dim Sum at Paradise Fine Chinese Food

Canada 150 Events




As part of this award, members of the BVA Executive received, on behalf of the community, commemorative pins containing the copper roof from West Block of Parliament Hill from 1918-1996. The ceremony took place at the constituency office of Geng Tan, MP for Don Valley North.