Municipal and Government Affairs Committee (MAGA)

What We Do

  • BVA MAGA's aim is to maintain the character, integrity and beauty of Bayview Village, by monitoring and presenting our community’s perspectives on issues impacting our community, including: real estate developments; orderly flow of traffic; municipal and provincial government initiatives; parking; infrastructure; “green” spaces; environment and educational facilities.
  • We pro-actively work with local government agencies, elected officials and developers to address issues impacting our community, and respond to residents who approach us with their input and concerns.
  • Supporting BVA MAGA work, is the City of Toronto Official Plan, and the Sheppard Subway Corridor Plan.

OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) What is it? How does it work? Click here to find out.

How to make a written submission to NY Committee of Adjustment

Address your letter to:

Chair & Members, North York Panel,
Committee of Adjustment,
North York Civic Centre
North York, ON M2N 5V7

Attach your letter to an email addressed to Brendan Clapp and cc Councillor Shiner

The subject of the email should be “Item XX (AXXX /15NY), September xx North York Committee of Adjustment Meeting”

“Dear Mr. Clapp: Attached please find a letter which I would appreciate being distributed to Mr. Antonacci and the members of the Committee of Adjustment’s North York Panel. Please register me as a speaker on this item (#xx , File no. AXXX /15NY) at the September XX meeting.”

North York Bylaw 7625

Local builders and contractors following the bylaws? Read summary of the regulations.

How to report illegal tree removal

Please provide any information and photos of the tree and its actual size measured at 1.4 meters from the ground, as well as any information regarding the tree service company which removed the tree and or photos of the vehicle licence plates and individuals involved. Send information to:

Leo Stalteri
Urban Forestry Inspector
5100 Yonge St. 3rd floor
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7
416 395-6185
416 395-6714 (Fax)

February 2017 Summary Report

3049-51 Bayview & 2 Blithfield

An OMB pre-hearing on this proposed development took place Jan. 25.

MAGA Chair David Magil and a number of Blithfield and Sumner Heights residents attended. David Magil was granted Party Status. Four Blithfield and Sumner Heights residents were granted Participant Status

Settlement discussions were underway between the City and the developer at the time of the hearing. A tentative settlement agreement was reached at the end of that week. The agreement was approved by City Council on Tuesday, January 31. It will be presented for approval to the OMB at a Hearing on May 8.

Key points of the proposed settlement are the following:

  • A reduction from 4 storeys to 3 storeys
  • The height has been reduced to 10.7 metres.
  • Setbacks have been increased
  • Additional space for landscaping fronting on Blithfield Avenue, with generous space for landscaping and planting remaining along the east side yard setback.
  • Planters have been added to the third floor terraces to mitigate privacy concerns. A tall row of trees is now also proposed to improve privacy for the immediately adjacent neighbours to the east.
  • The plans now divide the proposed 11 townhouses into two blocks, divided by a break that is 2.0 metres in width, which can be used as a walkway as necessary.
  • The front elevations have been updated to address design, including the symmetrical pairing of units through the articulation of facades and rooflines.

The BVA and the Blithfield/ Sumner Heights residents acknowledge that improvements have been made, but oppose the tentative settlement for three principal reasons:

  • The east side of Bayview is not zoned for townhouses;
  • The proposed development is incompatible with neighbouring houses and the adjacent neighbourhood. It does not respect or reinforce the existing physical characteristics of the Bayview Village community.
  • The privacy of nearby Bayview Village residents will be severely. Third floor terraces will easily overlook the backyards of houses on the west side of Sumner Heights and Blithfield homes nearest to Bayview

The BVA will present these points of opposition to the May 8 OMB Hearing

Committee of Adjustment February 9 Meeting

A minor variance application was submitted for a new home to be built at 67 Burbank. This application asked for significant increases beyond by-law allowances for overall building height and length, and front and rear wall heights. If allowed, the new house would dwarf the neighbouring house owned by a BVA member. We assisted the neighbour in opposing this application with drafts of an opposition letter for her and a petition which was eventually signed by 9 neighbours. We also submitted a letter of opposition on behalf of the BVA. This item was deferred to a future meeting because the applicant is required to respond to concerns raised by the regional conservation board.

Committee of Adjustment February 23 Meeting

A minor variance application has been submitted for a new home to be built at 10 Citation Drive. The application is asking for increases beyond by-law allowances for lot coverage, building length, first floor height and height of front, rear and side walls. We have been in touch with the BVA member living across the street, and will be assisting him with his letter of opposition and presentation  to the Committee. We will also submit a letter and make a presentation on behalf of the BVA.

23 Page OMB Appeal of Committee of Adjustment Refusal.

A file number has been assigned for this appeal but a hearing date has not been set for the appeal.