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BVA AGM 2016 Agenda and Ballot

Minutes of recent BVA Executive meetings: May 19, 2015; June 10, 2015; June 16, 2015 (AGM); Sept 16, 2015; Oct 21, 2015; Dec 8, 2015; Jan 19, 2016; Feb 16, 2016; Mar 22, 2016; April 19, 2016; May 10, 2016; June 21, 2016 (AGM); Sep 20, 2016; Oct 18, 2016; Nov 15, 2016; Jan 17, 2017; Feb 21, 2017.
March 21, 2017
- Financial Report
- Membership Report 1 (Jane)
- Membership Report 2 (Gary)
April 2017
- Environment Report


BVA Executive Meeting – Consent Agenda Topics Motion (Passed at Dec 8, 2015 BVA Executive Meeting)

BVA Executive Meeting – Robert’s Rules of Order Motion (Passed at Dec 8, 2015 BVA Executive Meeting)

Revisions to BVA By-Laws and updated 2016 version.

See the following documents on Parliamentary Procedure: 1 , 2, 3.

As per Eric Bristow's email:

In the document 'BVA Executive Rules of Order', there are two motions:

One motion is to adopt 'Roberts Rules of Order'. This motion was tabled at the October meeting, and this motion will need to be lifted from the table to be reconsidered. As I will not be at the meeting on Nov. 23, after the motion itself will need to be re-moved by someone other than me, as I will not be present.

The second motion, which has not as yet been considered and is outlined on the third page, is to adopt the 'Consent Agenda Approach'. Given that the BVA Executive has not yet considered or passed a motion to put in place the 'Consent Agenda approach', it is pre-mature for Courtney to table motions as Consent Agenda items, when a motion to have Consent Agenda items has not yet been considered by the BVA Executive.